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BTEC Sport Course

These popular resources are a great tool for BTEC Sport Educationalists. The PE OFFICE has created this essential tool for BTEC Sport and we have provided over 100 interactive lessons which allows media files and clips to be added. Within this package we also provide the assessment tracking to correspond to our lesson plans. 

We have taken away the stresses and strains of your planning for this popular subject. The following subjects that can be delivered through these lesson plans are:

• Body in Sport
• Health and Safety
• Sports Industry
• Preparation
• Planning
• Practical
• Technical
• Psychology
• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Lifestyle
• Exercise
• Operations

PE @ Level 1 & 2 (Next Gen) (NQF)

Welcome to our Sport (PE) qualifications at Level 1 and 2 for your establishment. It helps us to provide your establishment with qualifications for your new cohort of students who must follow the new Next Generation BTECs on the NQF framework (Headline measures in 2015 for Sport).

The following are the new units that are taught within EDLounge for Sport (PE):

  • Unit 1 - Fitness for Sport and Exercise
  • Unit 2 - Practical Sports Performance
  • Unit 3 - The Mind and Sports Performance
  • Unit 4 - The Sports Performer in Action

These are 120 hour courses and include an exam. EDLounge assessors, online tutors, and support will help your Alternative Curriculum, Foundation and vulnerable students through the Sport (PE) BTEC course and you have total transparency of our quality procedures and structures.

If you wish to do a full course-

Sport (PE) Prices

Qualification Type

With Centre Number

Without Centre Number

NQF Extended Certificate

£750 per Student

£825 per Student

PE Mock Exams Only package = Exams only (assessed, marked and with feedback)


1 exam

(per student) including marking


3 exams (full suite)

(per student) including marking





We can also offer your students practice Next Generation BTEC PE exams online that can be used as revision, dummy exams, mock exams, or practice exams which could be taken under exam conditions; they can be live and turned on and off with just the touch of a button, allowing them to only be open within specific bespoke times for your establishment.

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