Coaching with PEOffice

The coaching platform is exceptional for everyone, you can view and analyse a game and relate it to the tactics session because we believe it is no longer about how far someone runs, what their heat map is, or how many passes they made - it's about their decision making. This is the next-generation analysis and the thought process.

It can also be used for GCSE and CNAT practical moderation, A level moderation and degree coaching and teaching evaluation.

Tracking the progress of players and where they are improving or not improving is essential but it is now more important to educate them. Head coaches can analyse other coaches' feedback to players, creating action plans and performance logs so that all standards across the club are increasing. The software and platform enable any coach or student coach to instantly evaluate the whole or to break down part of the training or session they are delivering.

The coach or student can use the platform for:

  • Drills
  • Skills
  • Practices
  • Sessions
  • Set plays
  • Tactics
  • Open play moves
  • Decision made
  • Comparing or using the perfect model
  • Past actions
  • Past decisions
  • Creating personal groups or games
  • An action plan
  • Timelines
  • Objectives and tactics to set for the next practice or fixture



"It has been really beneficial working with Analysis of Sport, as it has developed the way I plan, evaluate and prepare for matches using both video and data analysis that Is provided. For example, I receive full game footage that allows me to have an objective view of the performance alongside my own subjective opinion from being in the dugout on Matchdays. From that I am able to get analyse certain aspects of the game to share with players or just to inform the next training session or match. The data analysis has evolved over the season to provide a more detailed analysis of performance. I look forward to working with the platform in the future to provide a more detailed and personalised analysis of performance. I highly recommend them to support coaches and managers in their planning and evaluation of sports performance."
- Ian Richards, 1st Team Manager (and Deputy Headteacher), Penistone Church FC

"Having Analysis of Sport is a massive help especially with us being in a part-time environment, time is limited with full-time jobs and families so the importance of being able to coach and educate from the comfort of your own home is a huge game changer and allows that extra 1 on 1 coaching time which is so important!"
- Keith Senior, First Team Coach & Great Britain Legend, Sheffield Eagles


The Benefits of AoSport from PE Office for coaching is:

  • Use for Coaching, training, tactical sessions and club ethos
  • Have digital film for tactical awareness of opponents
  • Track and record players in a range of games and situations
  • View hours of clips, incidents, key plays or the whole games
  • Show at different speeds, angles and aspects
  • Create a library of strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor with an action plan with milestones and key moments Reduce travel and transport costs
  • Be able to view multiple performances and games from one location
  • Use the software to compare and contrast performances