Are you a PE Teacher working internationally who would love to offer sporting fixtures against potential touring school teams as they visit?

If so, then sign up to the School Sport Network and let's bring different PE cultures together.

Are you a teacher outside the UK that wants to also promote school sport?

If so, sign up to the network and start arranging any type of:

  • fixture 
  • friendly
  • league
  • cup 
  • knock out competition 
  • round robin
  • inter form
  • inter house
  • tour schedule

These fixtures could be based on ability, excelllence, or to raise participation for a group of students between two or more schools over time.

It is free to join the network.  Please lets bring back School sport reagrdless of location.

The network

The PE School network enables you to

  • Create teams of all types of ability and arrange a game
  • Upload match reports (literacy in sport)
  • Track statistics for every player (numeracy in sport)
  • Upload videod games into the portal (linking to assessment)


The PE Office has created the School Sport Network. Back when we were PE teachers the best thing was taking a group of students, who you loved working with extra curricular, to a friends/ colleagues school outside of your district, or even made a weekend of it where alliances, annual cups and leagues were formed between a group of like minded professionals with the love of school sport. The possibility to arrange a fixture where only a hand full of schools actually have a team.  With this utopia in mind we created School Sport Network to challenege:

  • Friends.
  • PE collegues in other boroughs. 
  • Ex PE collegues who have moved.
  • Overseas colleagues.
  • Specific levels of competition.

The other reason we created this aspect was so that those students who behaved and loved playing sport but did not want to play competitively. This platform enables you looking for other schools who want to raise participation in a range of sports.

Why not challenge schools for something different.


Once registered you can arrange a fixture  with any other sporting team signed up to the network or any one on your contact list of PE buddies or ex colleagues where ever they are!

Promoting school sport and any type of participation is our aim so that every child can have the opportunity to perform regardless of ability, whether grass roots or elite performers, this network can connect teams of equal ability in different districts, counties or local authorities.


This is how simple it is:

  1. Register for free 
  2. Create teams and state level of ability
  3. State the distance you are willing to travel
  4. Identify facilities, teams, nights, times available
  5. Wait for fixture or use network to accept the challenge
  6. Arrange fixtures and leagues on ability
  7. Confirm fixture (email)
  8. Organise the team and publish it
  9. Compete and Video-record the fixture 
  10. Track the stats for evidence
  11. Agree the report (written by students) as teachers to publicise the event
  12. Results, scorers, reports and stats live on vidi - printer

It is free to join the network.  Please let's bring back School sport.