PE Intervention and your PE digital strategy

The PE Office from EDClass Ltd is proud to state that during the lockdown we have been digitalising the PE theory lessons for Catch Up, PE Intervention and to help with your delivery for GCSE PE, Cambridge National PE, Sports Studies and BTEC PE.

The video bank of PE theory lessons are delivered by two ex-heads of Physical Education that have many years and examination marking experience in all examination PE subjects and topics.

The PE platform and VLE can be used to help support, teach, implement and assist your digital strategy for :

  • Catch Up for PE students missing topics and learning
  • PE Homework
  • PE Intervention
  • Extracurricular PE theory learning clubs
  • Summer school teaching and learning
  • Transition into the GCSE PE subjects
  • Home educated students
  • Revision for GCSE PE, BTEC PE and Cambridge Nationals
  • Stretching and challenging all learners
  • Reconnect learners with hard to teach topics
  • Resources for Isolation, Detention and Exclusion 

Please click here for more information regarding our PE VLE and video bank of theory lessons

Please call 01909 776 900 for more information or please order to subscribe for your PE Department here