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Our sister company (EDExams) www.edexams.com is an affiliated exam portal for two major examination boards. This enables us to collaborate with  you and your students to practice and complete mock exams to create a well-rounded and unique approach for any qualification under secure software especially for GCSE PE or a baseline theory test for Physical Education.  

We can create any PE exam which enables your learners to have an extensive range of exams available to them 24/7. These are available at all times so that the students have access to constant practice, feedback and development.  

The exam section of the portal enables locked down and secure PE exams that can be used for: 

  • modular exams
  • mock exam
  • diagnostic exams
  • baseline tests

The PE exam portal provides:

  • access to online learning and progress made
  • individual results pages after each test which includes grading and information for development
  • clearly highlighted strengths and weaknesses in learning and revision
  • instant results
  • numerous written exams online to enable students to test revision techniques  

Here are some examples of questions found within the exams

The tailor made PE Exams enable you to:

  • develop yourr students’ exam techniques, 
  • enhance subject knowledge
  • improve exam writing 
  • enable learners to receive feedback, comments and grades to explain their performance.
  • prepare your Learners for the real exam. 
  • allow your students to focus on questions in asecure or remote access exam platform
  • set security levels of exams
  • set boundaries and exam schedules
  • receive answers and results through your moderator and marker. 


REMEMBER: Our exam application makes the browsers locked down and secure. The only thing that can be opened is the exam 

Exams can be bespoke for any:

  • learner, 
  • exam, 
  • subject,
  • specification,
  • module,
  • • topic


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