Personalised Learning

At PEOffice we have the capacity to provide learners with increased personalisation and convenience to suit the learner wherever they may be on the learning continuum. At PEOffice we provide learners with choices about where, when, and how learning occurs.

Students follow extensive learning pathways and programmes within PEOffice which, due to the ease of its set up, can work very easily with other provisions that are in place. Content can also be quickly and easily added to your own school's subject database. Students can work independently through a bank of learning content which can replace or support in-school learning thus providing a unique package regardless of environment, facilities or budget. 

We are able to support students who are engaged in alternative curriculam customised to their individual needs. It is online 24/7 anytime anywhere accessibility, combined with the ethos of ‘learn’ - ‘earn’ - 'live' has the capacity to engage many of our young people with digital technology, an environment where most are at ease.

Whilst the need to learn remains at the heart of our platform, there is recognition that relevance and meaning are crucial in 21st Century education. Thus the students are required to manage and develop a virtual city scape and home environment where the quality of learning supports their ability to earn and develop a lifestyle in this virtual world.

PEOffice motivates students with instant feedback and rewards and this is maintained as they develop their working knowledge of managing their city and its infrastructure.


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