Our PE department subscription allows:

 Access for your staff to all our     You and your students also have access to     A stress-free solution to maximise
  • Schemes of work for all our subjects (20+)
  • Lesson plans for all our subjects (20+)
  • Assessment resources for your grade assessments 
  • Peer evaluation 
  • Evaluation sheets
  • Baseline tests
  • GCSE PE and CNAT lessons 
  • Video bank of practical and theory sessions
  • Exam questions
  • PE Revision resources
  • PE homework resources
  • intervention, teaching, and Catch up resources 
  • learning
  • Engagement
  • Independent learning
  • Structured lessons
  • Increased knowledge
  • Teaching delivery and progress

All resources are supplied so no planning is required saving you time and effort whilst creating a consistent planning and delivery approach for all.

PE Office sub