The online PE Tutoring facility can be accessed via any web-enabled device and doesn’t require any third-party software for any learner. Our PE Qualified and experienced tutors are available and have created bite-size modules that full and part-time learners can instantly access.  It includes robust skills PE scans and diagnostic assessments which clearly identify the starting point and directly inform the development of a tailored PE learning plan for GCSE PE, BTEC PE or Cambridge Nationals.  The facility also includes 1-2-1 and group tutoring and teachers available that deliver a wide range of PE teaching and supplementary resources on a range of PE topics.

We have the PE teacher and tutor delivering the session where you can see the teacher / their screen and the interaction between them and the learner.  This can be for individuals; whole groups; target classes or those being educated from home.

Learner engagement and progress are monitored by the system and reported in real-time so our experienced team of PE teachers, tutors and trainers are fully aware and can respond swiftly with smart intervention and guidance.

We also produce daily, weekly, monthly reports for PE teachers and parents via the online portal to monitor and achieve impact, compliance, performance, satisfaction, and progress against our quality improvement and curriculum objectives and plans. We also work with each organisation to analyse the learner, target group or cohort’s data to identify performance and participation gaps across a wide range of Physical Education topics to ensure learners are not disadvantaged, but most importantly any gap in learning has been achieved (with on-demand PE teaching, tutoring or support). We use this to ensure any barriers to learning GCSE PE or Cambridge Nationals are removed.   

To support our existing PE learners, we have sourced additional management and teaching expertise (UK Qualified PE Teachers) so that the creation of programmes given for a learner to study is tailored to provide learning journeys and education pathways that fully recognise the starting point of learners, fully address their individual PE learning needs and fully align with the needs of schools, learners and parents’ priorities.  

We tailor each learner’s PE programme of learning and provide the flexibility they need to achieve their personal development and PE learning goals. This requires an accurate assessment of each learner’s starting point, preferred learning style, prior learning, knowledge, skills, motivation and barriers to learning. Call us for more information on PE Tutoring for any individual, focus group or cohort for PE Intervention or catch up.