Revision & Exams

Our PE Revision package enables your learners to receive a tailored approach to their Revision set by your staff. 

Learners can also follow timed, one - off or a structured Revision set of questions, tasks and knowledge based problems for them to complete which is issued and marked by a team of moderators.

Our Revision system offers:

  • Online Revision for any subject
  • Structured Timed Revision sessions for partial, full or extended periods
  • One off Revision
  • Besopke revision
  • Group / social work
  • Prepare students for exams
  • Prepare students for a range of exam styled questions
  • Create personalised revision programmes
  • Create own revision for individuals, cohorts, groups or target groups

The online revision package:

  • provides a vital revision tool for all GCSE PE and BTEC students
  • includes an online database which tracks student grades, performance and overall progress
  • encourages independent learning
  • provides an individual results page after each test identifying incorrect answers, grades and information for development
  • allows students to self-evaluate learning and progress
  • enables students to learn at their own pace
  • allows teachers to evaluate, assess and track the learning and progress of students by viewing the questions each student has answered
  • ensures each student has their own personal login to access revision site
  • no one exam is ever the same

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