Sports Coaching resources

Sports Coaching resources

Every aspect and resource of the PE Office can be purchased individually or as part of a highly targeted package. You can buy things either in hard copy or as a downloadable option as part of or separate from a subscription.   PE Office offers you freedom from planning so that you can focus on coaching your players and delivery high quality sessions.

Coaches can use our:

  • Schemes of Work
  • Practical Lesson Plans
  • Analysis sheets 
  • Evaluation Sheets
  • Assessment Tracker
  • Video Analysis and performance for individuals, teams, sport clubs, coaching, 
  • Build-your-own resources anddevise your own schemes of work, lesson plans, assessments and resources
  • School Sport Network to create fixtures, organise leagues and tournaments 
  • Reporting and Monitoring 

Signing up to the PE Office is also free which enables you to get our free drills, resources and blogs with even more teaching and coaching based ideas and sessions.

Also, please feel free to call 01909 776 900 for more information and a 20 minute demonstartion.

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