Rounders Scheme of Work


Year 7: This resource includes:

  • Ball Familiarisation
  • Catching & Rules
  • Bowling & Rules
  • Over arm Throwing
  • Batting & Rules
  • Batting
  • Ground Fielding & Post Work

Year 8: This resource includes:

  • Ball Familiarisation
  • Bowling
  • Over arm Throwing
  • Backstopping
  • Batting
  • Ground Fielding
  • Post work & Tactical Development (x2)

Year 9: This resource includes:

  • Ball Familiarisation & Catching
  • Post running
  • Batting
  • Bowling and Backstopping
  • Advanced Ground Fielding
  • Running, Batting, Teamwork
  • Games

Year 10/Year 11: This resource includes:

  • Backward hit
  • Bowling and Backstopping
  • Covering posts
  • Getting 2 batters out
  • Tactical awareness & Games
  • Peer Performance
  • Tournament

This product includes:

To be able to be able perform the basic Rounders skills of receiving and catching the ball, Intercepting, Throwing, Hitting, Running between posts, postwork, tactics, team work and Bowling to incorporate these into small sided and full sided games of Rounders. They should also be able to understand and know how to perform these skills and where these are used in Rounders. I also want them to understand and know the laws used in the game of Rounders (no ball, balls) and how players score runs and umpire. The students should also develop their knowledge and understanding of the different situations, tactics and strategies found in a game of Rounders and moving body position in stance. Also, throughout the phases students are constantly asked how to outwit opponents; evaluate performances; analyse strengths and weaknesses; whilst developing, adapting and refining skills, strategies and tactics to produce high levels of performances and high quality techniques.

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