Swimming Scheme of Work


Year 7: This resource includes:

  • Water Familiarisation
  • Basic Buoyancy
  • Sculling  and
  • Propulsion
  • Basic Back – crawl
  • Front Crawl
  • Breast – stroke

Year 8: This resource includes:

  • Back Crawl
  • Front Crawl
  • Breaststroke (x2)
  • Starts / Push Off / Glides (x2)
  • Basic Butterfly stroke
  • Tactics, Laws, and Games

Year 9: This resource includes:

  • Breathing within Breaststroke, Front Crawl and Back Crawl
  • Butterfly (x2)
  • Starts
  • Diving
  • Turns

Year 10: This resource includes:

  • Water safety and Survival
  • Water Polo
  • Syncro swimming

Year 11: This resource includes:

  • Fitness training and principles
  • Organising a Swimming Competition or Festival

This resource includes:

The students are to be able to swim between 25 -100m using three strokes (Front Crawl; Back Crawl and Breaststroke). The students must have a knowledge and understanding of how these strokes are performed accurately and fluently. The must know and understand the different mechanics used in the kick and pull to aid and assist glide and propulsion. The pupils will also develop the performances of gliding, buoyancy, sculling and treading water. The students are to be constantly asked and tested on their knowledge and understanding of how to outwit opponents in races, starts and turns; evaluates performances; analyse strengths and weaknesses in the strokes; whilst developing, adapting and refining skills, strategies and tactics to produce high levels of performances and high quality techniques.

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