Tag Rugby Scheme of Work (KS3)



Year 7: This resource includes:

  • Ball  Familiarisation
  • Passing and Retrieving
  • Attacking Play
  • Tagging (x2)
  • Passing on the Move
  • Games

Year 8: This resource includes:

  • Passing and creating space (x2)
  • Tactical Play (x2)
  • Free Passes (x2)
  • Positional Play (x2)

Year 9: This resource includes:

  • Passing and creating space (3)
  • Strategies (x2)
  • Set pieces / set plays within games (x2)
  • Games

This resource includes:

  • To perform the basic fundamental skills of Tag Rugby (e.g.Passing, Receiving, and Beating / outwitting an Opponent) and be able to perform, develop and incorporate the fundamental skills of Tag Rugby into a full size game.
  • To show a clear understanding of the certain positions of the players on the pitch and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Throughout the phases the students are to be constantly asked how to outwit opponents; evaluate performances; analyse strengths and weaknesses; whilst developing, adapting and refining skills, strategies and tactics to produce high levels of performances and high quality techniques.
  • They must show clear knowledge and understanding of the benefits of exercise and those of a warm – up and cool - down to the body prior to, and after exercise.
  • I also want them to use and enhance their knowledge and understanding so that they can use these skills with precision, accuracy, fluency and clarity in any situation when attacking or defending.
  • They should further develop and improve their knowledge, understanding and planning of the tactics, set plays, outwitting opponents and principles of the game.

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