Here is an example of a Swimming Scheme of work.Click the image for a downloadable version and see below for any further examples:

Year 7: This resource includes:

  • Water Familiarisation
  • Basic Buoyancy
  • Sculling  and
  • Propulsion
  • Basic Back – crawl
  • Front Crawl
  • Breast – stroke

Year 8: This resource includes:

  • Back Crawl
  • Front Crawl
  • Breaststroke (x2)
  • Starts / Push Off / Glides (x2)
  • Basic Butterfly stroke
  • Tactics, Laws, and Games

Year 9: This resource includes:

  • Breathing within Breaststroke, Front Crawl and Back Crawl
  • Butterfly (x2)
  • Starts
  • Diving
  • Turns

Year 10: This resource includes:

  • Water safety and Survival
  • Water Polo
  • Syncro swimming

Year 11: This resource includes:

  • Fitness training and principles
  • Organising a Swimming Competition or Festival

Below are examples of our resources that you will find on PE Office.

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