Video Analysis

Our PE Office Video Analysis Online Software now enables you to have a unique tool to video, analyse, evaluate and question individual performers, groups of teammates or whole squads that are tracked and recorded.

Everything in our portal is securely cloud-based; videos can be stored in the library for players playing competitively or within PE sessions for development, complementing our assessment portal.

The analysis software enables you to:

  • break the action down per millisecond and instantly tag those you wish to analyse, praise or critique
  • edit live performances
  • set up a loop for video analysis for coaching, performing and officiating
  • analyse skills, games, tactics, coaching, officiating, resilience, persistence
  • share with school teams or individuals 
  • ask individuals specific questions
  • engage performers in different methods of questioning. Set for the player to complete as homework or statistical evidence
  • tag every question and aspect (these can be uploaded into numerous windows to evidence progress or repeat errors
  • use assessment criteria that link to the mastery and achievement statements
  • view multiple answers with comprehensive tracking

PEOffice Lesson Video
The video analysis software can be used in PE Lessons for:

  • OFFICIATING: A platform for reviewing game decisions and for automatic replays. A great tool to help upcoming officials make the right choices and for teams to evaluate key positioning and team performance.
  • TEACHER / COACH LIVE REVIEW: Edit on top of the screen to analyse player or group performance live.
  • FIRST-PERSON INTERACTION: This ideal tool enables you to see through the eyes of your performers and officials to evaluate decisions made throughout the game.
  • ANALYSIS OF INDIVIDUAL: Student analysis of performance can be reviewed and compared to previous performances, criteria or the ‘elite / perfect model’.
  • COACHING ANALYSIS: There is a direct interaction between student and coach. A coach can prepare homework, one-to-one analysis and video tasks for independent work or group work.

PEOffice Lesson Video

Our Video Performance analysis software enables you to live pause a game and:

  • ask question
  • pause and breakdown a skill
  • evaluation performance
  • praise teammates or individuals

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