Our PE Office Volleyball resources, lesson plans and schemes of work can be purchased via a subscription for individuals, PE teachers, and PE departments as part of a school subscription or instantly via the shop where all the resources are available straight away.


Year 7:

Ball Fam.
Basic Volley/set shot
Basic dig
Underarm serve
The Tip
Games / Rallies

Year 8:

Volley (intermediate)
Dig (intermediate)
Over-arm serve
Single Block

Year 9:

The Roll - Defensive shot
Reverse Volley
Spike (Advanced) 
Multiple Block

Year 10:

Top spin serve
Sprawl (defensive shot) 
Setting/Volley (Advanced)
Spiking from a back court position
Covering the attacker
Moving from transition to attacking formations.

Year 11:

Reciprocal Skills teaching
Offensive Strategies
Defensive Strategies
Tournament and Games



Elite Athlete Videos

As well as our printable resources, we also have a PE VLE complete with our bank of videos created by highly-skilled elite athletes and performers. These athletes have created short video clips on a range of sport, breaking down key skills for students to watch and replay to help them gain a visual understanding of how the skills are developed and performed.

Find out more about our video bank