Our OAA resources is everything a PE Teacher needs for teaching OAA. Our All in one packages and bundles include the following OAA products:

  • OAA Scheme of Work (3 schemes of work) for Key stage 3 PE
  • OAA Lesson plans (14 lesson plans)
  • OAA Assessment sheets
  • OAA Keywords (OAA specific and theory keywords)

If you want each lesson plan, scheme, sheet and keyword as a single and separate file but as part as a bundle package then the OAA bundle can be purchased here.

If you want just one downloadable file of OAA that includes everything then click here for our 'All in One' OAA package.

Our PE Office OAA resources, lesson plans and schemes of work can be purchased via a subscription for individuals, PE teachers, and PE departments as part of a school subscription or instantly via the shop where all the resources are available straight away. Our OAA lesson plans and schemes of work cover the following topics, skills and OAA concepts:

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9

  • Problem Solving and Teamwork
  • Problem Solving and Trust
  • Problem Solving and Communication
  • Basic Map Work
  • Reading Maps and Thumbing
  • Aiming Off
  • Basic Partner Orienteer (Familiar Environment)
  • Setting Out a Course
  • Group Setting a Course
  • Star Orienteering
  • Line Orienteering
  • Compass Work
  • Star / Line Orienteering Off-Site
  • Plan an Off-Site Course