All the practical planning products available have been created and developed by PE practitioners and are used extensively in educational institutes. Every aspect of these resources is constantly being reviewed and re-written as the delivery of PE evolves. Our products vary from Schemes of Work and Lesson Plan packages to Peer Evaluation Sheets and online Assessment resources that coincide and match the paper-based resources too.  Each sport package is designed to incorporate a scheme of work, lesson plans, mastery statements, evaluation and analysis resources plus teaching point resource cards. Each package will allow any PE teacher to deliver high-quality PE lessons whilst tracking the performance of each individual. 

Our PE department subscription allows:

 Access for your staff to all our     You and your students also have access to     A stress-free solution to maximise
  • Schemes of work for all our subjects (20+)
  • Lesson plans for all our subjects (20+)
  • Assessment resources for your grade assessments 
  • Peer evaluation 
  • Evaluation sheets
  • Baseline tests
  • GCSE PE and CNAT lessons 
  • Video bank of practical and theory sessions
  • Exam questions
  • PE Revision resources
  • PE homework resources
  • intervention, teaching, and Catch up resources 
  • learning
  • Engagement
  • Independent learning
  • Structured lessons
  • Increased knowledge
  • Teaching delivery and progress

All resources are supplied so no planning is required saving you time and effort whilst creating a consistent planning and delivery approach for all.