PEOffice for BTEC Sport

These popular resources are a great tool for BTEC Sport educationalists. The PE Office has created this essential tool for BTEC Sport and has provided over 100 interactive lessons which allow media files and clips to be added. Within this package, we also provide the assessment track to correspond to our lesson plans. 

We have taken away the stresses and strains of your planning for this popular subject. The following subjects that can be delivered through these lesson plans are:

• Body in Sport
• Health and Safety
• Sports Industry
• Preparation
• Planning
• Practical
• Technical
• Psychology
• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Lifestyle
• Exercise
• Operations

Lesson that are compatible on any device

 Locked down exams

 Keywords, plans and tests


Subscriptions for teachers and departments for BTEC Sport

Subscription and accounts for your department with access to all the above area PLUS

  • All our theory sections on the PE VLE
    • Lessons
    • Puzzles
    • Quizzes
  • Diagnostics for exams, lessons, homework
  • Group analysis
  • Question breakdowns
  • Assessment submissions
  • Sections for assessment, guidance and reporting
  • Online support
  • Weekly and monthly webinars

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