Our experienced teachers and examiners have put together a vast amount of online lessons covering every topic from the iGCSE specification, each including a number of past exam questions with explanations on how to best answer each question.  Each video lesson can be replayed and accessed from any mobile device, therefore, ensuring students never miss a lesson, whether it be through a planned absence or a revision/homework tool.

Our theory videos are all supported with interactive lessons that include information, puzzles, tasks, questions and more. Therefore, giving learners the best online experience towards achieving their potential grades. This option is used across the country as an intervention tool that can help secure good grades.

Teacher feedback has been excellent with many using the learner account for homework, exclusions, absence catch-ups, revision or even detentions. The main point is that this resource has saved teachers hours of planning and at the click of a button and within seconds, students are learning and revising whilst the teacher can refocus back on their task at hand.

Finally, by using our platform and giving each student an individual learning account, they can access each lesson at any time of day. The positives of this allow learners to take learning into their own hands and also revise through a modern method.

Subscriptions for teachers and departments

Subscription and accounts are available for your department with access to all the above areas PLUS

  • all our theory sections on the PE VLE
    • Lessons
    • Puzzles
    • Quizzes
  • diagnostics for exams, lessons, homework
  • group analysis
  • question breakdowns
  • assessment submissions
  • sections for assessment, guidance and reporting
  • online support
  • weekly and monthly webinars

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