Editable PE Schemes, assessment and lesson plans for PE teachers

Our Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans are available for individuals or PE departments

PE Office Schemes of Work

  • Each of our Schemes of Work includes numerous objectives and outcomes through each phase supporting your short, medium and long-term planning for each key stage. Schemes also include comprehensive activities and resources to highlight the progressions and tasks alongside the objectives.
  • The Schemes of Work incorporate ICT, Numeracy and Literacy alongside other cross - curricular aspects such as resilience. Every Scheme of Work includes extensive drills, practices and progressions that are differentiated to aid and assist all abilities.
  • The Schemes of Work can be edited from within PE Office to match your department’s needs. 

Lesson Plans from the PE Office

  • Our comprehensive lesson plans are unique to each discipline and offer guidance and in-depth tutorials for developing knowledge, understanding, skills, lifestyles, performances and creativity for the UK PE National Curriculum.  Included in these resources are comprehensive detailed objectives, activities, descriptions, and teaching points for each sporting activity.
  • All lessons include extensive drills, practices and progressions that are differentiated to aid and assist all abilities and all years (inc. SEN, G&T, Disengaged pupils).
  • There is clear space for a personal evaluation of performance and long-term developments with an average of 8 lessons per year (24 lesson plans for key stage 3). Each lesson is based on 1-hour delivery and includes ICT, Numeracy and Literacy alongside other cross-curricular aspects. Our Lesson Plans also work in conjunction with our Schemes of Work and incorporate our Assessment, Testing and Evaluation tools.
  • These tools enable you to monitor, track and report on students’ progression throughout the key stages and offer you the support you need to help you deliver high-quality PE in your setting.