Our experienced teachers and examiners have put together a vast amount of online lessons covering every topic from the OCR GCSE and OCR cambridge National Sport Studies and Sport Science specifications, each including a number of past exam questions with explanations on how to best answer each question.  Each video lesson can be replayed and accessed from any mobile device, therefore, ensuring students never miss a lesson, whether it be through a planned absence or a revision/homework tool.

Our theory videos and lessons are all supported with interactive lessons that include information, puzzles, tasks, questions and more assessments. Therefore giving learners the best online experience towards achieving their potential grades. This option is used across the country as an intervention tool that can help secure good grades.  This is priced at £4 per learner for the access to the 150+ Theory lessons.  It comes part of a subscription for £750 where you have unlimited access or you can get instant access for just the Theory content by filling in a school purchase with the number of learners you want access to 

Teacher feedback has been excellent with many using the learner account for homework, exclusions, absence catch-ups, revision or even detentions. The main point is that this resource has saved teachers hours of planning and at the click of a button and within seconds, students are learning and revising whilst the teacher can refocus back on their task at hand. 

Finally, by using our platform and giving each student an individual learning account, they can access each lesson at any time of day. The positives of this allow learners to take learning into their own hands and also revise through a modern method.

We have a large number of interactive resources to help with your delivery of high-quality lessons and these can be accessed in class or online for you and all your CNAT PE theory students (Award and Certificates). These resources were created by two moderators and examiners who have extensive knowledge of the Cambridge National in Physical Education. All our interactive online learning lessons, content, puzzles and quizzes are available for Cambridge National Sports Science and Sports Studies:

Our Cambridge National Sports Science resources cover the following units:     Our Cambridge National Sports Studies resources cover the following units:
  • Reducing the risk of sports injuries (Mandatory) (RO41)
  • Applying principles of training (Mandatory) (RO42)
  • The body’s response to physical activity (Optional) (RO43)
  • Sport psychology (Optional) (RO44)
  • Sports nutrition (Optional) (RO45)
  • Technology in sport (Optional) (RO46)
  • Contemporary issues in sport (Mandatory) (RO51)
  • Developing sports skills (Mandatory) (RO52)
  • Sports leadership (Optional) (RO53)
  • Sport and the media (Optional) (RO54)
  • Working in the sports industry (Optional) (RO55)
  • Developing knowledge and skills in Outdoor Activities (Optional) (RO56)

For £4 per student per year (usually £6) you and all your students have a log in and access to the theoretical content and practical videos with extensive tracking and recording. 

Subscription for the learners - What does this entail?:

  • 24/7 365 access to the platform
  • 200+ lessons
  • Mock exams
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Puzzles, quizzes and tasks for homework and revision
  • Video analysis software

Subscriptions for teachers

Subscription and accounts for your department with access to all the above area PLUS

  • all our theory sections on the PE VLE
    • Lesssons
    • Puzzles
    • Quizzes
  • diagnostics for exams, lessons, homework
  • group analysis
  • question breakdowns
  • assessment submissions
  • sections for assessment, guidance and reporting
  • online support
  • weekly and monthly webinars

We offer a free demo and trial of the PE learning, teaching and planning platform and to show how the PE platform works for you and your CNAT students. 

We can also help you with the CNAT assessment structure and PE observations once your students are online to help you with everything you need for your Cambridge National delivery, teaching and learning.

OCR Cambridge National Courses

Do you need any support, guidance or resources to help your students achieve in their OCR Cambridge National Courses.  Here is Our offer:

Guidance with witness statement​s

  •          Learn how to write witness statements to achieve a successful moderation
  •         Match the statements to the ability of your students

Lesson ideas & resources

  •         Create successful engaging lessons based on exam feedback that targets specific questions
  •         Use our bank of pre-wrote lessons and examination resources for pupils to learn at home and around their lesson time via mobiles or other devices. 

Online lessons and presentations

  •         We have created hundreds of theory lessons for your students to access or staff to deliver during lesson time or at home. 
  •         Select your own lessons and send out work to students via our platform for them to complete and return back to you. 

Bespoke webinars for your department

  •         Specific training based on your needs 
  •         Delivered on the dates above OR at your convenience during your department meeting time

Support on how to standardise your assessments

  •         Use our experienced moderators to gauge how well you are marking students' work
  •         Learn how moderators mark work and what to expect from samples.

Tracking and assessment tools.

  •         Use our ready-built tracker to monitor students' performance and predict their likely outcomes
  •         Allow students to sit our ready-built mock exams and instantly gain feedback on areas they need to improve, supported by our lessons within a click of a button

Webinars and Face to Face Courses

  •        Our experts deliver webinars for both staff and students to learn the tips and tricks to being successful
  •        Choose your prefered topics and/or bring your faculty together to cover the issues you are currently facing and want answers to address

Training Available and Training Dates

TO BOOK CLICK https://pages.peoffice.co.uk/cnat-webinars/ 


It is £125 per face to face course per person.

Specific Webinar £30.

Bespoke Webinar (ie used as a dept meeting to ask questions and discuss issues faced) £85.

TO BOOK CLICK  https://pages.peoffice.co.uk/cnat-webinars/ 

We can provide a bespoke package that suits your needs at a cost affordable to your budget.