The PE Office has made a unique portal that now allows you and your PE department access to schemes of work, lesson plans, theory lesson plans, assessments, exams and quizzes all in one place which staff to use and enhance their planning and delivery. Your PE students can also access all of our GCSE, CNAT and Theory PE interactive lessons. The subscription to PE Office gives you and up to ten of your colleagues access to all of our lesson plans, drills, objectives, assessment sheets and schemes of work that you have selected. 

PE department subscription

Our PE department subscription allows:

 Access for your staff to all our     You and your students also have access to     A stress-free solution to maximise
  • Schemes of work for all our subjects (20+)
  • Lesson plans for all our subjects (20+)
  • Assessment resources for your grade assessments 
  • Peer evaluation 
  • Evaluation sheets
  • Baseline tests
  • GCSE PE and CNAT lessons 
  • Video bank of practical and theory sessions
  • Exam questions
  • PE Revision resources
  • PE homework resources
  • intervention, teaching, and Catch up resources 
  • learning
  • Engagement
  • Independent learning
  • Structured lessons
  • Increased knowledge
  • Teaching delivery and progress

All resources are supplied so no planning is required saving you time and effort whilst creating a consistent planning and delivery approach for all.Student Access

Please note: 

  • Students have their own unique login with access to 100’s lessons designed by experienced PE teachers that give learners the freedom to work independently from first entering the lesson
  • You can use the resources as an extra tool as part of your own lesson 
  • All GCSE, CNAT & BTEC courses and specifications are covered at Level 2.
  • Lessons can be accessed any time of day.
  • Perfect for home learning tasks, distance learning and/or catch up lessons.

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