Our platform has been dramatically enhanced to enable your PE Departments, teachers and students with videos of elite performers performing skills.  Anyone can go up to a screen, laptop or tablet and create their own drills, differentiated tasks, exercises and targets for their own lessons or session that can work alongside the lesson plans, schemes of work and other resources to help raise attainment and the learning of skills.

In 2018 we decided that we needed to create the perfect model within the PE Virtual Learning Environment to assist primary school delivery and for students in secondary school that need coaching, officiating and teaching sessions and drill ideas that can be used as part of their course. 



Then we met with a few primary teachers who loved the idea of seeing the elite performer demonstrating the skills initially with their pupils being able to go up to an interactive board or screen and challenge themselves and their peers by following the perfect model.  




The tasks and lessons can be made as simple or as hard as possible because you can use our plans or animated dills as a plan or individually.

You can also build your own - which is a great tool where there is every resource broken down so with time and investment older students and coaches can create their own plans and lessons too using the perfect visual model.


We then contacted a few friends in our sporting world who know the know and are at the top of their game!

We made it very dynamic so children especially in Primary schools, GCSE groups and coaching sessions can go up and learn themselves with a touch of the screen or simply just download our plans. Our bank of videos has been created by elite performers based out of our home city of Sheffield (The National City of Sport) and highly skilled athletes from Loughborough University.

These athletes have broken down the skills for many sports into short video clips for students to watch and replay over and over again helping them to gain a visual understanding of how the skill is developed and performed.

Not only has the visual concept but also allows students to compare their own performance against that of the ideal model, therefore allowing them to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own and any partner's performances.

The videos are preloaded into sections for teachers to easily navigate to and play from any device to support their lessons and consequently the learning of the youngsters.

Here is another layout of the platform so it can be used by anyone within Physical Education.