Primary PE

Our PE Platform gives you access to our professional and elite performers performing skills and drills for learners of all abilities to replicate through the interactive platform. Our resources allow teachers or non PE specialists to follow simple but effecting lesson plans that are designed to either focus on individual sporting skills or the main FUNdmentals of being active. We are proud to state we tick off all FIVE KEY INDICATORS for Primary PE and Sport Premium! Engagement, PE profile increased, Knowledge and skills in all staff increased...WIDE RANGE OF SPORTS! All resulting in higher participation in competitive sport!

Our pre-made schemes of work work in conjunction to our lesson plans and include activities, descriptions, objectives, teaching points, differentiation, assessment and links to cross-curricular aspects. Every scheme of work includes extensive drills, practices and progressions that are differentiated to aid and assist all abilities. These popular resources provide a useful guideline to all future planning needs.