Tchoukball Scheme of Work (KS3)
Tchoukball Scheme of Work (KS3)

Tchoukball Scheme of Work (KS3)


This product includes phases in the following:

Year 7

  • Tchoukball Ball familiarisation
  • Passing and Receiving in Tchoukball
  • Throwing & Catching
  • Shooting
  • Rules and Regulations in Tchoukball
  • Tchoukball Tournament

Year 8

  • Passing in Tchoukball
  • Jump shooting in Tchoukball
  • Tchoukball Defending
  • Fast breaks in Tchoukball
  • Attack v Defence in Tchoukball

Year 9

  • Give and Goes in Tchoukball
  • Advanced fast breaks in Tchoukball
  • Strategies in Tchoukball
  • Shooting and Attacking Tchoukball Play
  • Peer evaluation and tchoukball Coaching
  • Tchoukball competition


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