Our PE Homework framework enables teachers to:

  • Set, monitor, mark, assess and record homework
  • Differentiate homework for any pupil, topic, cohort or target groups
  • Make homework more appealing and fun
  • Remove the marking aspects (by using different slide types)
  • Individualised, structured or timetabled homework
  • Liaise and involve parents with homework
  • Create learning programmes outside of school regardless of their ability
  • Enable students access to any lesson outside of school hours to develop knowledge and understanding
  • Reward students for completing homework
  • Instant tracking of students' submissions, non-submissions, lates, grades and comments

Our PE homework package within the portal offers students the opportunity to revise independently both at home and at school and the facility to check their learning and chart their progress. 

It offers teachers another medium with which to inspire and motivate students and it instantly provides feedback and reports identifying grades, scores, time spent doing exams, quizzes and homework. 

You can also set homework in advance using our learning portal.

Please call us on 01909 568 338 to discuss setting up our homework package.