Virtual PE Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom and online support system provides a great alternative provision for a range of your students which adheres to government safeguarding, well-being and supervision legislation. Within this provision you have a robust and comprehensive tool that not only your organisation to offers teaching and support, but also offers tutoring, assessment, pre-assessment, verification, and expertise in any subject for any age group for those doing core, academic or vocational courses.

We provide a safe and secure learning environment for hard to reach students allowing them to achieve whilst offering educators our online platform and safeguarding tools. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment. Within our virtual classrooms, your staff, alongside PEOffice staff have the capability to educate your students on specific timetabled pathways via live video stream that is all recorded to safeguard your teachers, your school staff and your students.  Learners follow a unique pathway for them and achieve support when they require it.

This facility will enable us and yourself to further support students and the needs of those involved with these individuals in furthering their education. The difference between this and our normal support is that there is more supervision used for the students learning off-site.

The Virtual Classroom enables you to :

  • View the students learning live via a secure server stream,
  • Chat face to face,
  • View their learning progress,  
  • View actual live answers
  • Mentor students via a secure verbal chat or written chat
  • Set a structured pathway for any individual

This approch can dramatically improve your students’ attendance and achievement.

PEOffice can also offer teaching support for any organisation. Through this alternative provision partnership enables learning and attendance grades whilst learning through PEOffice can be achieved using our new and secure methodology for many classifications of students including:

  • Suspended
  • Anxiety students
  • Home educated
  • Distance learners
  • School phobic
  • In inclusion units
  • Students with Mental Health issues
  • One to one
  • Target groups
  • For those studying for a qualification
  • Students with low literacy/numeracy
  • Those submitting qualification coursework

We can offer support to any individual, whether they be on or off-site. All of our support officers are uniquely trained to have extensive knowledge and understanding of the PEOffice lessons, system, qualifications, methodology, exams, coursework and practical elements. An exclusive pre-assessment, assessment and feedback service is available for the students, which will help them understand, learn and progress through PEOffice.


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